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kaeljohnsen's Journal

I like learning, building, understanding, hobbies and loving. Grew up in a stable home, became a dreaming industrial punk. Loves to work with books and have decided to become everything (knowlegde is everything, ignorance is nothing). Might be a bit Twilight Zone'd. Has a fondness for the occult, mythology and pshycology (because he can barely comprehend it).
3x3 eyes, akira kurosawa, alien, apocalypse now, arthur machen, babylon 5, battle angel alita, blade runner, blood the last vampire, boondocks, boris karloff, bruce willis, call of cthulhu, christopher lee, christopher walken, clint eastwood, clive barker, collide, cowboy bebop, danzig, dark city, das boot, david bowie, david lynch, dead can dance, delerium, depeche mode, donald and kiefer sutherland, edgar allan poe, elfquest, event horizon, excel saga, fallen, far side, flcl, frank herbert, front line assembly, fushigi yugi, gilgamesh, glen cook, harrison ford, hellraiser, hellsing, homer, howard phillip lovecraft, interview with a vampire, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jack nicholsen, john carpenter, katori shinto, kevin spacey, key the metal idol, kodo, l5r, l7, lain, laura joh rowland, live roleplay, lone wolf and cub, lord byron, love hina, masamune shirow, megatokyo, mel brooks, michael caine, minamoto, misery loves company, monty python, national lampoon, negima, neil gaiman, nephilim, niea under seven, oh my goddess, ondekoza, peter cushing, pink floyd, pitch black, placebo, poppy z. brite, predator, princess mononoke, quills, ranma ½, ravenous, real about high school, rob zombie, rocky horror picture show, roman dirge, rumiko takahashi, ruroni kenshin, samurai, sandman, shi, sigourney weaver, sir sean connery, sisters of mercy, slayers, snake river conspiracy, sorcerer hunters, steel angel kurumi, strange days, strangers in paradise, strawberry eggs, tank girl, tchakovsky, tea party, tenchi muyo, terry pratchett, the crow, the doors, the police, trent reznor, tsunetomo, type o negative, vampire hunter d, vampire princess miyu, vandred, vincent price, warlock, william shakespeare, zeromancer